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The Credit Manager and the clients truly start contributing to company performance and establish a process of continuous improvement.

✓ Discover, in 6 steps, how to create financial intelligence in your debt collection.


  1. The client: risk factor and opportunities
  2. Monitoring client risk: an ongoing approach
  3. Debt collection: essential process organization
  4. Disputes: a strategic challenge for the company as a whole
  5. Promoting collaborative working
  6. Digitalization: getting closer to your client

Optimise your DSO and get paid on time with CashOnTime Collection

Collections Software

All sales on credit come with a potentially high risk for your company’s income (due to unpaid invoices) and liquidity (due to late payments). CashOnTime Collection software is the ideal solution to protect you against financial risks (insolvency and non-payment) and to optimise your daily sales outstanding (DSO) while helping develop lasting customer relationships.

Intelligently structure your multi-channel reminder processes (letters, emails, SMS) using all different cash-flow criteria, such as the payer behaviour of your customers and available solvency indexes.

CashOnTime Collection takes into account your alert policy across all risk factors for cash-flow issues, keeping you informed in real time of promises not kept, of deadlines not met in handling litigation, when the risk class of a customer changes, or when a credit limit is reached.

Within a single interface, this invoice collection software centralises and gathers your customer data (sums outstanding due or not due, agreed payment deadlines, payer quality, internal scoring, etc.), with economic and financial information on partners.

The software’s workflow enables collaborative examination of all credit requests, providing responsiveness and standardisation in review processes.

The calculation of customer provisions saves you enourmous amount of time in closing operations.

Developed natively for the international market, CashOnTime Collection is a multilingual invoice collection program that allows you to create and send your invoice reminders in almost any language.

Logiciel de recouvrement
dispute management

Accelerate dispute management with peace of mind

dispute management

All companies put ‘customer satisfaction’ at the top of their statements of values. Companies that manage to turn that promise into reality can see a direct, positive correlation between their quality of customer service and company financial performance.

The ‘zero defects’ principle has also become standard at companies, and yet, disputes still arise with customers. They are an anomaly, a real non-conformity of the quality expected by the customer.
The immediate effect is decreased customer satisfaction, resulting in:

  • a damaged image for your company,
  • extra repair costs,
  • additional costs while the dispute remains unsettled.

With CashOnTime Collection, the dispute management process is structured, standardised, and traceable. All disputes are managed much faster an much more efficiently, and you are immediately informed of their conclusion.

Become more efficient

CashOnTime Collection saves you time, thus helping reduce operating costs and increase your employees’ available time for creating actual value for your business.

Leverage automation

According to a study from Deloitte, 56% of tasks related to financial activities could be automated.

Besides freeing your employees from annoying tasks, automation provides you with real-time enhanced visibility of your customer processes, KPIs, and collections.

Improve collaboration

Convincing others of the importance of cash flow is your priority.

By combining all data and processes relating to customer financial relations within a single collections program, you greatly contribute to the adoption of a cash culture.

Achieve significant savings

Payment terms and late payments affect companies’ working capital requirements (WCR) and carry a risk of non-payment that, when it occurs, is very costly.

The quick collection of payments significantly reduces the amount of your cash tied up with customers, thus increasing your competitiveness and helping reduce the risk of default.

The advantages of CashOnTime Collection

  • Segmentation of customers so that you send the right message, with the right media, to the right person
  • Personalised mass reminder messages (email, letter, and SMS)
  • Collections manager agenda: a prioritised list of tasks
  • A history of all reminder actions
  • Management of payment promises, disputes, and credit limits
  • Alerts for important cash-flow criteria
  • Calculation of customer provisions
  • Internal and external credit scoring
  • Archiving of documents in an integrated EDM tool
  • Identification of read and unread reminders
  • Dashboards and reports that facilitate monitoring
  • Adaptable to international organisations, with the ability to manage a single database with multiple languages and currencies
  • Can be implemented on its own or with CashOnTime Allocation (accounting reconciliation software)
  • Customer portal with an account overview, access to digital invoices, disputes, validation, and online payment

Customer relations benefits

  • A 20% reduction of DSO and optimised WCR
  • Reduced management costs
  • Decreased payment-collection times
  • Prevent and avoid customer risks
  • Accelerated resolution of disputes
  • Early planning for reminder actions
  • Communication media adapted to your customer segmentation
  • Analyses by profit centre
  • Continuous, lasting improvement in customer relations
  • Promote adoption of a ‘cash culture’ within your company
software benefits collections software

The collection software that offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your collections process.

It organises and strengthens the collections process thanks to the prioritisation and automation of reminders.

360° visibility of customer financial information

360° visibilty of customer financial information
  • A single access point for all customer information
  • Calculation in real time of payer performance indicators (by customer or by group):
    • standard DSO, by settlement,
    • average number of days late,
    • payment performance,
    • collection effectiveness index (CEI),
    • current and previous year turnover,
    • open orders,
    • payments not received,
    • date and amount of last payment.
  • Measurement of the exposure to risk by the customer or group
  • Calculation of a customisable score
  • Monitoring of credit limits
  • Integration of external solvency data
  • Automatic triggering of actions in case of change to risk class or behaviour, or in case a credit limit is exceeded
  • Calculation of customer provisions
360° visibilty of customer financial information
Improved management of receivables and overdue amounts

Improved management of receivables and overdue amounts

Improved management of receivables and overdue amounts
  • Customisable dashboards and aged balances
  • Multi-criterion searches
  • Adaptive graphics
  • Predictive cash flow analysis according to payment promises and habits
  • Detailed analysis of the effects of legal disputes on the cash balance
  • Activities of users
  • Customer provisions by group
  • Risk analysis
  • Allocation of liquid assets
  • Analytical reports by company, division, sub-division, sale, segment, legal dispute, or portfolio

A dedicated customer portal

customer portal to download invoices and pay them online

The customer portal in CashOnTime Collection is a self-service, one-stop shop for your customers where they can download their invoices, pay them online, and categorise them. The portal can easily be incorporated into your customer extranet and allows your users to choose their language.

  • View amounts outstanding and the next amount due
  • Download an account statement
  • Download digital invoices
  • Online payment
  • Payment promises
  • Interactive messaging with the account manager
  • Dispute a charge
customer portal to download invoices and pay them online
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