automatic reconciliation of up to 100% of your customer payments

CashOnTime Allocation accounting reconciliation software:
your best employee!

accounting reconciliation software

CashOnTime Allocation is a smart solution that learns your customers’ payment habits.

It then automates the allocation and reconciliation of your payments received.

As an essential tool for closing monthly accounts, this accounting reconciliation software processes up to 100% of a given day’s payments on its own and assists employees with the most complex reconciliation tasks so that they finish ‘On Time’!

accounting reconciliation software

The advantages of CashOnTime Allocation

  • Handles a broad range of banking formats
  • Accounting and analytical attribution of payments received
  • Assisted, fast, manual reconciliation
  • Reconciliation suggestions
  • Payment notifications
  • Multi-company payments
  • Multi-currency
  • Automatic processing of payment differences under conditions
  • Continuous-text entry
  • Payment distribution rules for automatic allocation
  • Reports
  • Adaptable to international organisations, with the ability to manage a single database with multiple languages and currencies
  • Can be implemented alone or with CashOnTime Collection (software for collection of customer receivables)

Customer relations benefits

  • Reduced costs
  • Focus on tasks that add more value to your business
  • Decreased risk of errors
  • Better visibility of customer accounts: efficiency in payment collections
  • Handle spikes in activity
software benefits collections software

A powerful tool!

It resolves all of your issues, even the most complex ones.

The basics

accounting reconciliation software-basics

Identification of the party

For CashOnTime Allocation, identifying the party is child’s play.
The software first bases identification on the bank account’s IBAN and on invoice references. If that doesn’t work, the software uses advanced search engineering based on the reconciliation history and other methods.

Smart reconciliation strategy

For this accounting reconciliation software, you start out by setting a reconciliation strategy—it will then evolve over time.
The criteria used for reconciliation are unlimited, customisable, and combinable. They are organised into reconciliation phases, allowing you to establish priorities.

A wide variety of automatic and/or manual reconciliation options

It is important to be meticulous to resolve everyday issues.

You have the option of authorising, for example:

  • single- or multi-company reconciliation with generation of current account documents,
  • automatic detection and allocation of certain types of payment differences,
  • exclusion of newly created invoices,
  • periodic application of ‘non-reconciled’ items in the customer account, etc.
accounting reconciliation software-basics
Payment notifications

Payment notifications

Payment notifications

Plan ahead for payments by pre-recording them and/or simply putting the invoices in reserves and processing any differences/disputes ahead of time.

When a money transfer arrives, no manual intervention is needed. The accounting reconciliation software matches the payment with the pre-recorded item.

Depending on the accounting method you choose, either the transfer can be rejected (because it has already been recorded) or it can be given a particular arrangement where, for example, it is used to settle a suspense account, or it can work off of the pre-recorded payment notice to record the money transfer and any differences, then reconcile the invoices directly.

  • Automatic detection and allocation of differences from rounding and discounts
  • Automatic detection and allocation of credit notes
  • Processing in rapid succession by reason for error
  • Sharing of information

Optimised manual reconciliation

Optimised manual reconciliation

Users are at the heart of our work. CashOnTime Allocation is the accounting reconciliation program that supports users with their daily reconciliation tasks.

As a reconciliation assistant, CashOnTime Allocation:

  • also makes suggestions by automatically simulating combinations of invoices,
  • allows you to reshape your reconciliation strategy on demand,
  • performs multi-criterion searches among open items,
  • enables simplified allocation of differences with generation of the resulting ledger lines,
  • allows you to send an email internally and/or to the customer.
Optimised manual reconciliation
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