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Avec CashOnTime, Arkadin structure et professionnalise son recouvrement de créances

With CashOnTime, Arkadin structures and professionalises debt collection.

We significantly improved the number and quality of our invoice reminder actions. There are numerous benefits.’
Geoffroy de Fontenay – CFO

Bulteau systems sécurise son risque client et met en place une véritable culture du cash grâce au logiciel de recouvrement CashOnTime

Bulteau Systems protects against customer risk and establishes a cash culture thanks to CashOnTime.

This solution allowed us to establish a real collections strategy and gave us excellent visibility of our customers and our €1.2 M in invoices due.
Alain Aujoux – Finance Manager

Bureau Veritas choisit le logiciel de lettrage comptable CashOnTime Allocation pour lettrer automatiquement ses 20 000 virements mensuels

Bureau Veritas uses CashOnTime Allocation to automatically reconcile its 20,000 monthly bank transfers.

We gained 0.8 full-time equivalents (FTE), allowing us to re-organise customer accounting and focus on quality.
Evelyne Rieu – Customer and Cash-Flow Accounting Manager

KOMET FRANCE choisit le logiciel de lettrage comptable CashOnTime Allocation pour le traitement de ses 50 000 chèques annuels

Komet France uses CashOnTime Capture and CashOnTime Allocation to process its 50,000 annual cheques.

We saved time and became more reliable and responsive for our customers, allowing us to re-focus on tasks that add more value to our business, like customer payment reminders, while working with more peace of mind.
Pascale Boitel – Customer Credit Manager

Groupe Moniteur séduit par la souplesse de CashOnTime, solution de recouvrement de créances

Moniteur Group was won over by the flexibility of the CashOnTime debt collection solution.

We worked on our payment reminder strategy and the collections representatives are now driven by their mission.’
Julien Raynaud – Deputy CFO

Avec le logiciel de lettrage comptable CashOnTime Allocation plus de 60 % des virements reçus par le groupe sont traités automatiquement

With CashOnTime Allocation and GEC Connect, Sicarev eliminated manual accounting entries.

Now CashOnTime Allocation automatically processes more than 60% of payments received by the Group. The software can process a money transfer with more than 300 lines in just a few seconds!’
Alexandrine Sotton – Head of Management Auditing

Le groupe SAMSE choisit CashOnTime Allocation pour lettrer automatiquement ses 42 000 virements annuels

SAMSE Group uses CashOnTime Allocation to automatically reconcile its 42,000 annual payments.

It’s easy: the more we use CashOnTime, the smarter it gets. Furthermore, as soon as we implemented it, we got very high rates of automatic reconciliation.’
Mr Delachenal – Group Treasurer

Securitas Alert Services gagne en sérénité en automatisant le lettrage de ses 3 000 virements mensuels avec le logiciel de lettrage comptable CashOnTime Allocation

Securitas Alert Services gained peace of mind by automating reconciliation of its 3,000 monthly payments.

CashOnTime Allocation definitely changed our daily operations. Thanks to this tool, the team is much happier and more motivated. We have saved a lot of time that we can now use for much more quality-oriented tasks.
Laurence Contion – Accounting Manager

Avec CashOnTime, SEWAN structure son recouvrement de créances et divise par 3 sa balance âgée.

With CashOnTime, Sewan structured its recovery actions and cut its aged balance threefold.

We got great support from the DIMO Software teams. The benefits of CashOnTime are clear and you get a very fast return on investment.’
Sewan’s Administrative and Financial Director

VDI GROUP absorbe des volumes d’encaissement supplémentaire grâce à CashOnTime Allocation, logiciel de lettrage comptable.

VDI Group is absorbing great volumes of cash inflows thanks to CashOnTime Allocation.

CashOnTime Allocation has met all of our needs! We have seen real, significant productivity gains. We have significantly decreased the cost of processing cash inflows.
Corinne Escot-Pionin – Deputy Administrative and Financial Director