digitisation of customer invoices and taxes

Qweeby: the digitisation solution you’ve been looking for!

Digitisation of customer invoices and taxes

Qweeby, an electronic invoicing pure player since 2009, is dedicated to companies working B2B. It allows you to send digital invoices in your customer’s desired format with adherence to regulations related to taxes and total traceability.

Just as simple as sending things through the post and with adherence to electronic invoicing regulations, Qweeby allows you to send items to your customers in record time and strengthen your relationships with them. The shared platform stores your electronic invoices in their format of issuance and gives your customers a complete view of your exchanges.

Freed from paper and the practices that it requires, the invoicing work flow becomes more efficient on both the supplier and customer sides. This deeply transforms customer account management.

Qweeby gives you the simplicity of the post while also handling tax matters and complex mailing.

More than 400 companies use this service every month to digitise millions of invoices sent to tens of thousands of customers.

By January 2020, for government contracts, digitisation of tax matters in customer invoicing will become mandatory for all suppliers working with the public sector.

Digitisation of customer invoices and taxes

The advantages of Qweeby

  • Fast and easy deployment
  • No intrusion in your computer system
  • Issuance of an invoice as soon as it’s created
  • Interoperability with other systems (CHORUS, customer portal, email with attached PDF or link)
  • Complete traceability (issuance, receipt, and information related to payment)
  • Archiving of tax document originals
  • Complete compliance of your invoicing (regulations and taxes)
  • Tracking of rejections
  • Customisable, configurable tool
  • Cloud

Customer relations benefits

  • Decreased operating costs
  • Secure exchanges
  • Stronger customer relations
  • Optimised productivity
  • Optimised management of customer accounts
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