An efficient approach to implementation of collections software

Cash optimisation through improved management of credit and collections

We will work with you as a team on an efficiency project approach to make sure that your optimisation of customer accounts is a smashing success.
Implementing the CashOnTime collections software will help make your work easier and bring significant gains.
Investing our time with you to achieve these gains as quickly as possible is our passion, driven by the recognition of our customers.

Project approach, collection of accounts receivable
  • Each and every day, we provide you with an effective team and a favourable environment to optimise implementation of our solutions and provide for a smooth transition to your new collections software.
  • We will help you develop an efficiency project plan in tune with your ambitions while making sure you know what’s happening with your project every step of the way. To do so, we plan delivery in successive batches for fast adoption of the solution and solid progress.
  • Sharing project goals is the key to successful implementation. In addition, our methodology relies on four phases that create a clear roadmap, going from the kick-off meeting to the start-up phase.
Project approach, collection of accounts receivable
collection of accounts receivable
collection of accounts receivable
  • Although all customers share the same basic objective, ‘doing more with less’, each company has its own special needs. We will carefully analyse your corporate structure, the segmentation of your customers, payment habits, and payment reminder approaches to come up with your functional specifications.
  • The CashOnTime collections software is very easy to functionally integrate and maintain. Once the software goes live, you will have no problems with its administration in operations. That means you can independently adapt it to your needs.
  • After the software goes live, you can always contact a dedicated support team that is greatly appreciated by our customers. The support team will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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