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Lyon (headquater)

561, Allée des Noisetiers
69620 Limonest – France


56, Boulevard de la mission Marchand
92400 Courbevoie – France


Technopôle Izarbel
Créaticité B
64210 Bidart – France


Le Saphir
3 rue Alfred Kastler
44300 Nantes – France


Ronda de Segovia, 69
1°B – 28005 Madrid

Montréal et Toronto

Liberty Village
60 Atlantic Avenue – Suite 200
Toronto, ON – M6K 1X9

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  • Livre blanc - recouvrement créances
    1. The client: risk factor and opportunities
    2. Monitoring client risk: an ongoing approach
    3. Debt collection: essential process organization
    4. Disputes: a strategic challenge for the company as a whole
    5. Promoting collaborative working
    6. Digitalization: getting closer to your client
    Livre blanc - recouvrement créances

    the best practices of "cash culture"

    The Credit Manager and the clients truly start contributing to company performance and establish a process of continuous improvement.

    ✓ Discover, in 6 steps, how to create financial intelligence in your debt collection